Attracting Women In Ways That Men Sometimes Forget

By Ian Moffat

For a lot of guys the female mind is more than a mystery or something from another planet-it’s an area that they’d love to have even the slightest glimpse into. Learning what women find attractive remains just out of grasp nine times out of ten for many guys. This leaves them feeling rejected and having a difficult time to be confident enough to try again. But what if you were able to use a couple simple methods that could practically have you trying to juggle more women than you thought possible? Take this advice to attract women and you’ll be sure to be chatting up some cuties real fast.

Don’t Forget To Smell Great

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Before you head out on the hunt for your cougar, tigress or kitten you’re going to want to take a bath. It’s true. Don’t even consider anything secret about how to attract women until you are properly cleaned and bathed. Pay attention to your hygiene with a shower and shave and take a moment to look at your hair. Don’t forget to take care of your hands because she will definitely look at those. Dress for the woman you want to attract. If you are looking for a real fox it may be time to get that suit steamed. Making a good appearance from your head to your toes goes farther than most words to attract a woman, so be sure to put extra effort into it. One tip to remember though- you don’t want to give the impression you bathed in cologne. A simple dab at the neck and wrists or a couple of spritzes is more than enough.

Be Warm

While this doesn’t precisely mean to give a stranger a hug the first time you meet her, to attract women you want to be responsive. Don’t wait around for them to talk to you, but casually bring up something genuine to a lady and she’ll be sure to want to join you in conversation. If she has nice heels or sandals you can start with a compliment there. Then comment on the atmosphere, your host, the band or what’s going on around you in a conversational manner. To attract women you don’t want to deliver a line but you should have a couple of easy jokes or anecdotes that are widely acceptable, even a little ‘hokey’ and you’ll get a snicker which will boost your confidence driving the conversation forward.

Don’t Be Too Eager

Just like you don’t want to shower in that rich cologne, you also don’t want to send a text message every hour to your new love interest. You don’t want to follow her around after first meeting her either. Even if you aren’t confident, you need to understand that is what women find attractive, so put on your best smile, but don’t hover around her waiting. You know you’re going to talk to many people tonight and more importantly you know she’s going to call. If she doesn’t, it’s just like the saying, ‘there’s more than one way to skin a cat’-there is more than one way to attract women.

About the Author: This article was written by Ian Moffat to hopefully make the dating process easier for those men suffering from a lack of confidence and experience when trying to attract women. Using the power of humor may make attracting the right woman easier.

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