Buying Used Cars How To Ensure You Dont Overpay}

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Buying Used Cars How to Ensure You Dont Overpay


Adnan Masood

When it comes to buying a used car, you will see lots of great prices and lots of bad prices. Whether you are buying from an owner or a dealer, there are always people trying to get you to overpay. So how can you make sure that doesnt happen?

Buying a Car Online

When buying a car online, you likely dont actually buy the car online (unless a long distance transaction). In most cases, you are typically just researching and browsing online. You will search vehicle finding websites or use a desktop car finder and you might even email the sellers with some questions. You will likely meet the car seller in person and take the vehicle for a spin. This is good, but the ability to do a lot of your research at home first puts you at an advantage.

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To ensure you dont overpay for a vehicle, visit the website for Kelley Blue Book. Since you are able to view the entire listing online or in a desktop car finder program, you should get some valuable information. You can see pictures and get the vehicles make, model, year, and mileage. Run this information through the Kelley Blue Book website and get an estimated value.

One thing you might notice by sellers who are desperate to sell their vehicles is a little bit of fibbing. That is why it is recommended that you carefully examine pictures. If the vehicle you see in-person is in worse shape than the seller originally stated, this will impact the estimated value of the for sale car. Because of that, you should run three value checks on one vehicle but select different conditions (excellent, good, and fair) so you know what to expect in terms of value.

Buying a Used Car at a Dealership

While many used car dealers do have online websites where you can basically browse from home, many consumers visit these lots on impulse. That makes it hard to do your research ahead of time. Unless you have someone at home by the computer who can check the Kelley Blue Book website, dont make any purchase decisions right away. Instead, write down the make, model, year, and mileage of the cars for sale you like. Go home and run a search on the website. You know you have got a good deal if the dealers price is in line with what you see on the Kelley Blue Book website.

So you now know how to buy used cars without overpaying. Are you ready to start shopping now? To maximize use of your time and to find the best deals, try a desktop car finder that lets you search thousands of vehicle websites at once!

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Buying Used Cars How to Ensure You Dont Overpay }

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