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Pocket Watches: Standing The Test Of Time

By Bradlley Mckoy A silver pocket watch is something other pieces of jewelry are not: it is timeless. Pocket watches are the very epitome of elegance. They exude quiet wealth and charm, and give their bearer distinction. Pocket watches are personal timepieces that can be carried around in one’s pocket. They are strapless, and they […]


Everyone Needs Patio Covers Salt Lake City

Submitted by: Jonaha Knaacik Growing up in Salt Lake City I ve seen how beautiful outdoor patios can be. It seemed as if everyone in my neighborhood growing up had an outdoor patio that the designs were perfect, with matching their furniture. Everyone seemed to be full of spectacular landscaping ideas that enhanced Salt Lake […]


Top Furniture Consignment Stores In The Us

By Jayesh Bagde There are a wide range of furniture consignment stores in the US that deal in quality, used furniture and home accessories. The top furniture consignment stores offering quality, previously used furniture and furnishing are given below: Upscale Consignment This 10,000 sq. ft shop is located in Gladstone. They sell quality, gently used […]