Hunting Land For Sale In Alabama What To Look For In Your Land

By Chuck Magee

When you are looking to buy hunting land for sale in Alabama let me tell you a few things to look for in the land to have a successful hunting property. Not just any property will make a great hunting camp and we will discuss what helps and what hurts your hunt.

If this is your first time looking to purchase hunting land in Alabama and hunting land in general lets dive right in and talk about thing that you may over look but when it comes to hunting land are very important. I will get the obvious out of the way first, price is very important to everyone and you should be no different whether you have a large budget of a more modest one. What will affect your price; well some of our other key things to look out for will actually affect the price. If your hunting land is ready to hunt on now dont under value that, yes the land per acre will certainly be higher but keep in mind if you cant walk it or ride it with a four wheeler you also cant hunt it this means bull dozer work and that will cost you thousands of dollars. If you are looking at a forty acre hunting tract pretty much anywhere in Alabama your dozer will cost you on the low side $ 65.00 per hour and could run upwards of $ 125.00 per hour if you get a dozer lets say the size of a D-6 and it will take that to grub stumps of any real size.


Now lets go a little deeper than dozer work which we have established costs a ton of money depending on what shape the land is in. I would say a good rule of thumb on 40 acres with no stumps to grub would cost at least $ 4,000.00-$ 6,000.00 and this would only get you a good boundary line clearing and remember a true 40 acre land tract is a mile for each line that does take a little time to clear. OK now let look at a few more things like good boundary line fencing, well established deer and turkey plots, creek or river frontage, gates, deer stands, timber value in todays market and your potential 10 and 20 year growth, you would need a quality timber management company like Midsouth Forestry Services Inc. to have any idea on timber value, I have bought and sold timber land for almost twenty years and I still miss values all the time. I would put different values on these things in relation to what they mean to you, creek and river frontage on good hunting land for sale in Alabama is going to cost you and it could dramatically increase the value, water is a big deal to deer so if it makes the property much prettier and it usually does if cleared around and you have the extra money it sure does help.

When buying good well maintained hunting land for sale in Alabama keep these land plus items in mind, it will help you feel good about what you pay for the land and also help you negotiate a better price for you land closing.

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