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CCTV installations help protect businesses around the world. The largest companies in every industry depend upon some form of CCTV technology to protect their company locations from the threat of break-ins and theft. But in order to truly ensure that their organization is secure, they must work with industry-leaders to install the latest security solutions. One such NYC CCTV installation specialist is 360 Protection, a company with over a decade of experience helping to secure some of the country s top business brands.

360 Protection is a family owned and operated New York City surveillance solutions specialist. The company s solutions have been seamlessly engineered in order to protect clients within their homes and business 24-hours-a-day, 7-days a-week. Whether NYC clients are searching for the latest CCTV equipment for a complete in-house security system installation or advanced cabling installation for improved data capacity, 360 Protection is the ultimate business partner. Clients may wish to review options from the company s catalogue of security camera solutions.

Within this catalogue the organization offer everything from remote camera networks that can be displayed on mobile phones to DVR systems that can be utilized to analyze the in-house environment from specific time periods to ascertain what events took place at which time. These systems also provide management staff with the ability to better evaluate in-house personnel as teams can be reviewed while completing their jobs, for full business visibility that provides the foundation for proactive decision-making.

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The company offers NYC-areas businesses CCTV installation solutions for nighttime security operations in the form of the latest infrared cameras. The infrared cameras that the company installs are currently in places across many of the leading businesses across the globe, and provide superior detection performance. In addition, for those who wish to give their security systems a low profile within their business environment, 360 Protection offers a superior array of covert cameras. These systems are ideal in highly public areas where other more obvious form of security system could be off-putting to customers or in-house employees.

In addition offering a full range of security solutions for the modern business, 360 Protection is also known for their ability to install the latest phone systems. The company s latest systems are designed to help a wide array of business communication needs, including intercom communication between employees, call forwarding and unlocking company doors. One of the best ways that 360 Protection can help companies to consolidate communication costs is through the installation of a hosted VOIP phone system.

The system itself has no capital costs beyond the installation price and it allows organizations to prevent the need to outsource their IT department to unsecure organizations. And because VOIP phone systems from 360 Protection are easy to manage, clients will find that their business is significantly improved from day one. This is where 360 Protection is a leader in offering modern technology and customizing systems to meet the requirements of today s growing organization.

To learn how 360 Protection can provide your company with the products and services it requires for long-term security, contact the company s technical specialists today. A full catalogue of cost-effective solutions is just a phone call away.

About 360 Protection:

Family operated 360 Protection is your leading security provider and consulting firm. The organization has over 10 years experience in delivering highly optimized, cutting-edge technology to homes and businesses across North America and the Caribbean.360-protection.

About the Author: The organization has over 10 years experience in delivering highly optimized, cutting-edge technology to homes and businesses across North America and the Caribbean. For more information, please visit



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