Bodyguard Job Description, Education Requirements And Salary

Bodyguard Job Description, Education Requirements and Salary by Caitlin McGuireHigh-profile individuals rely on professional bodyguards for their security and protection. A bodyguard is not a security guard. At the same time, a security guard is not a bodyguard. They are two different professions.A security guard carry out “low level security” procedures. They provide security at parking lots, shopping centers, or nightclubs. The security level and the risk of people being killed on these places are low. A security guard needs a security license, which can be acquired after completing a basic security course.Also known as close protection officer, a professional bodyguard provides high-level security related to people’s lives that deal with all and any security situation. He is trained in Advanced Weapons Disarming, Anti-Ambush Procedures, and Anti-Terrorism. A professional bodyguard is also taught Immediate Psychology assessment to determine whether the person approaching the client is going to be a threat or not to the client.Job Description and Nature of WorkThe main responsibility of a professional bodyguard is to protect his client from loss of confidential information and serious physical threats like assassination, assault, harassment, kidnapping, and stalking. He is also assigned to assess the security threats to his client and provides necessary security measures.A bodyguard may also perform other duties protection of communication equipments, analysis and assessment of risk, threat and vulnerability, detection of chemicals and explosives, operation of different security measures, as well as mob screening and control. He may also be designate to search certain areas for possible threats and prepare travel routes.Requirements to become a BodyguardBefore you rush out and apply to the next bodyguard job, ask yourself: Do you have at least a high school diploma? Have you attended training that specializes in educating and preparing bodyguards?Generally, a bodyguard must be in perfect physical shape, without pre-existing health conditions. He must have 20/20 vision. A bodyguard must be reliable and trustworthy. He must also have good people skills because the job deals with a lot of people. The psychological state of mind is also important to be able to make quick decisions while protecting your client.A bodyguard who completed a college degree in law enforcement, military or government security intelligence is more likely to get the job. Most bodyguards are former law enforcement or military officers because they have the sufficient training and experience to do the job.Your client’s life is at stake so you will need certain skills for your career as a bodyguard and do a good job. A bodyguard should have broad physical and skills training in strategic defense, use of weapons and firearms, martial arts, first aid and CPR. Driving skills is also an advantage.Salary of a BodyguardThere is no fixed rate for offering bodyguard services, depending on the negotiation between the client and the bodyguard himself. There are other factors that may affect the rate of bodyguards, such as experience, client profile, level of danger, amount of travel required, the range of tasks involved for the position, and others.A bodyguard with 1-4 years of experience may earn from $42,000-$75,000 annually. Obviously, the bodyguards with more experience, skills and training will earn more. An experienced bodyguard may earn as much as $100,000 per year plus bonuses. If you have clients like celebrities, athletes, politicians, and dignitaries, you can ask for higher pay for your service.MyOnlineCriminalJusticeDegree.com is your guide to accredited criminal justice degree programs for Crime Scene Investigation, Police Training, Paralegal Certification, Law Degrees and top online criminal justice schools.Article Source: eArticlesOnline.com

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