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The Magical Fancy Colored Diamonds

The Magical Fancy Colored Diamonds by Victor Epand One of the four Cs that affects a diamond’s value is its color, and the less color that a diamond has, then the more valuable it will be. Most diamonds range from lower grades that have a slight tinge of yellow or brown to rarer stones that […]


Marriage Counseling

By Michael Colucci Marriage counseling is a process in which two individuals who are married to each other will attempt to solve their problems. Marriage counseling is a new process that did not exist before the end of the 20th century. In the past, most problems within a marriage were handled by family members or […]


Opi Nail Polish 25th Anniversary Collection

By S. Arya OPI Nail Polish is celebrating its 25th Anniversary with the OPI Anniversary collection. A new release of 12 tantalizing colors is sure to make your nails a part of any classic celebration. Included with this collection is a set of lip colors that is sure to add to the sophisticated look you […]