Crazy Fun Crafts

By Lily Morgan

Crafts can get a little bit boring when you always do the same thing over and over again. Kids and adults both get bored easy when not being entertained any longer. Try breaking out of the craft blues by expanding your search to something new and maybe a little bit crazy. Forget about folding things out of napkins or making cards and paper plate masks. Go beyond the boring to something that is enjoyable after it has been created. There are some crazy crafts out there that also become a useful household item. It doesnt take as much as youd assume. If you have the time and the interest, these items are just a few steps away.

The printer is a wonderful invention. Over time it has just kept getting better. Thanks to special printer paper one can now print their own t-shirt designs at home. Most department stores carry t-shirt paper. Simply select the picture you want to put on it, print it out on the special paper then iron it on to your t-shirt. It works exceptionally well and papers can be purchased for light and dark t-shirts. This is a good craft for any age group. Design your own unique t-shirt print that no one else will ever have. It can also be a great gift item.


Similar to the t-shirt idea, there are also great types of sticker paper that one can use in the printer. Try making your own stickers or print out your favourite pictures in a sticker format. Those who collect stickers and keep a scrapbook album of them might especially enjoy this type of craft. Stickers can be a lot of fun and this craft would be perfect for adding in to a kids birthday party. Everyone gets their own stickers that they can take home.

Statues may not be something we all are inclined to make. However, you can buy statues already made but not painted. This leaves the hand painting of the piece up to you. There is no better way to have something original like a scaled dragon or howling wolf done exactly how you want it. The best part is that when you are finished you have a wonderful dcor piece to place within your home. Dont hesitate to give these as gifts. Anyone that receives one will be impressed with your handy work.

Even a basic object like a mirror can be the ultimate craft item. There is no end to the ways you can decorate a mirror. Create a border using feathers or even something like iron. Use lettering to spell your name or initials along the bottom. In just a few minutes a regular mirror can be doubled in value simply because you added some accents on to it. This works just as well with candelabra and candle holders.

A touch of design can add a whole new look to something thats just been sitting around the house. Go beyond the regular and the boring.

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