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This article about folding doors to the patio you will learn more about:

1. Folding doors construction. 2. Folding materials. 3. The seal on a folding door. 4. Choosing a folding door.

5. Exhibition with folding doors.

A classic variation to the now so popular sliding door to the patio is a so-called folding door. It can almost be how wide as you like and using the folding door can garden all colors and scents trudge straight ii house. With folding doors can how much, or how little of this world come into the room, when you whatsoever pleases it.



A folding door is a door divided into several parts, often between three to five. You can open up one or more parts, as desired. The doors are folded so to speak, in the middle and the sides are pressed against each other, and be able to be locked there so that the door stands and turns, or take any space. This type of door is suitable for those who want to get more light into the room and reduce the difference between outside and inside, regardless of whether the door is open or closed. In many cases there is also a ventilation function of the door, which allows it to slightly open by means of a latch.


Folding doors will primarily into three materials: PVC, aluminum, wood and glass. Sometimes combining two or even three of these materials in the door. PVC is a durable material, though not so vivid might like wood. Aluminum is dimensionally stable, but on the whole door is made of aluminum can be cold impression. Wood is affected by weather and can, if it swells or shrinks, cause difficulty in opening and closing the doors. Glass in turn has the disadvantage that door insulation deteriorates slightly. But there are of course many who have been pardoned, given the aesthetic benefits of glass gives.

The seal

A weak link in many folding doors is the seal. It affects the actual U-value. They become quite easy bit skewed, and a poorly fitted mounting means that in the worst case, there are gaps that become larger over the years. The fit and quality of the folding doors are therefore very important, as is the U-value structure is. Often there is a value for the door itself, and a value for the door plus frame. Ideally, the value of the folding doors to be around 1 or less if possible, and the design may well have 1.2 or lower.

Choosing folding doo

A folding door is a good alternative to sliding doors, and the choice is mostly about taste. As with the purchase of sliding doors, it is always worthwhile to look for high quality doors. They have better fit, lower U-value and not the least stable structure that enables them to last. The installation of a folding door is very important for the end result. Cases of doubt, it is advisable to hire a professional installer who can do the job. It is a work that gives the right to the root deduction.

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