Haiti Earthquake Victims Make Your Contribution By Frequent Flyer Program}

Haiti Earthquake Victims – Make Your Contribution by Frequent Flyer Program


Ivo HolstsIt is a crime not to be a member of frequent flyer programs, because it is an easiest way how you can make a change in other people lives. More than 50 thousand people died and 3 more million suffer after Haiti earthquake, and you can become involved and help them. It doesn’t matter whether you are a frequent traveler, or you do not travel at all. Through the airlines loyalty programs, you can contribute to the Haiti earthquake victims.You can find many frequent flyer programs, which offer the ability to make a donation to charitable organizations. The first stop would definitely be top 7 programs in United States. Frequent flyer miles are a means of payment in order to supply the food, medicine or other help. Therefore, American Red Cross or any other organization needs your contribution.The process to donate miles is very simple. The first step is to visit a program website and look for charity organization page. It is usually under redeem miles, use miles or charity miles page. There you will find all programs with explanations. You can browse through all the list and choose any organization you like and make a donation.How to contribute if you are not a member yet?If you are not a member of any frequent flyer program, it doesn’t mean that you cannot do something. The first step toward your involvement is joining the airlines loyalty program. You can do some research to find the program, which offers the fastest way to earn miles. Sometimes airlines offer to earn frequent flyer miles just by joining the program.As soon as you become a member, you should explore all the opportunities. Almost every program offers some way to earn frequent flyer miles without spending money. For example, you can participate is surveys and earn miles. You can join dining programs and receive miles, you can apply for new credit card or request not obligation insurance quote. There are many more ways how you can do something for Haiti earthquake victims.The other way how you can contribute via frequent flyer programs is by donating money and receiving frequent flyer miles for it. Later, you can obtain more miles via other offers and contribute them as well. It will allow you to double your involvement.More important than volume of miles or money is your involvement. The most important is your involvement. Even in the economy meltdown you can do something, and it will be truly valuable.

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