Making An Apartment Feel Like Home

By Alyssa Davis

If you are new to apartment living, you may be finding it hard to make your apartment feel like an actual home. Many people who are unaccustomed to living in an apartment feel like their apartments are nothing more than glorified hotel rooms. But your apartment doesn’t have to leave you with that impression. There are some easy and simple things that you can do to make your apartment feel more like a home, and many of them involve your senses.

Sights of Home

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The sights that greet you when you enter your apartment can really set the mood for the entire apartment. Make sure that your doorway is welcoming and inviting by placing a wreath on the exterior of the door, and a welcome mat. Your entrance should have a place to take off your coat, such as an unobtrusive hall tree. If you enter into the living room area, make sure that you have a comfy couch and that the area is well lit. A few books and magazines on a coffee table can give your living area a lived in look. Lay a throw across the back of the sofa. Add some plants near the window to bring the look of nature indoors. All of these things will make coming into your apartment seem more “homey”.

Smells of Home

Apartments are usually small and cramped, so they can become musty smelling in no time, no matter how staunch your housekeeping practices. Counter this by opening your windows and letting in fresh air as often as weather permits. You can also purchase spray odor neutralizer or room deodorizer. Choose scented oil that you like and invest in an inexpensive scented oil burner. Scents of baked goods and other sweet goodies can give you a down home feeling. You can achieve this effect with scented candles, but always use caution when burning candles; never leave a candle unattended.

Touches of Home

Throughout your decorating scheme, adding elements that are soft to the touch can be very comforting and make you feel like you are living in a “real” home. Go for fuzzy rugs, plush bath towels, down comforters, and lots of toss pillows.

Sounds of Home

Many apartment buildings are noisy. You have street noise, noise from people coming and going, and if you’re unlucky – noise from noisy neighbors. While you cannot completely block the noises from outside, you can do some very inexpensive soundproofing to your apartment to make your space more tranquil. There are kits on the market that will allow you to place rubber matting covered by thin 1/8th inch wall board to keep the noise to a minimum. If you don’t want to go to that extreme, playing your favorite music in the background can help to block out some of the noise. At night, operate a box fan in your bedroom to block noise, or use a sound machine that will soothe you to sleep to the sound of the ocean rolling in and out.

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