Praj Hipurity Solutions : The Water Treatment Process Experts}

Praj Hipurity Solutions : The Water Treatment Process Experts


Laxman Dadar When it comes to water treatment process, no business owner can deny it’s importance in the streamlining of a process. However, the need of the hour is water that is pure. Each time sourcing fresh water turns out to be expensive as well as difficult. Additionally, water is needed as a crucial component in various industrial processes. Be it manufacturing of food items or the cosmetic manufacturers, water is a part of various industrial processes. Top it all, the growing concerns regarding the depleting resources like water has added to the worries of the business owners. Given this situation, the extensive portfolio of services being offered by Praj Hipurity comes across as the perfect solution to the problem. Praj Hipurity, formerly known as Neela Systems, is part of the Praj Group. The organisation specialises in offering water treatment process machinery that helps business owners meet their demands of water for industrial processes. Unlike other set-ups Praj Hipurity offers integrated solutions for the hipurity sector. Right from the core process to the automation as well as implementation, Praj Hipurity offers multiple solutions under one roof. This makes it easy for the business owner to seek reliable solutions at one place. Additionally, Praj Hipurity has mastered the zero discharge technique for all its systems. The water purification process is done in a manner to ensure that there is no wastage. This simply translates to higher and better returns for companies that opt to go with Praj Hipurity water treatment processes. The recent feat by the Praj Hipurity team is the series of bioreactors developed by them. The setup of this device meets international standards empowering it to deliver superior operational features and advantages required in today’s global pharmaceutical industry.The smart features in the device include ‘Golden Batch’ concept for real time comparison of process parameters. Even the automation process is far more efficient in this machine making it a worthwhile investment for the pharma sector. With its in-built safety processes, the device ensures maximum safety of the individual operating its processes. In addition to the bioreactors, Praj Hi purity has various other devices that are well suited to various types of water treatment processes. The team has to its credit, the execution of important projects all over the globe. This gives them the experience as well as expertise to develop solutions that truly add value to your existing business process. The team provides all the required after sales support. Right from execution to implementation, the Praj Hipurity consists of experts well versed with the technicalities of the job. There is a complete guidebook and documentation provided to the business owner as well. Additionally, there is the after sales support to rely on. Praj Hipurity’s current portfolio of integrated solutions includes:Core processesHipurity water systemsBioreactorsCIP/SIP systemsWastewater solutionsSolvent Recovery UnitsThe organisation continues its research to develop better and cost effective solutions for water treatment that successfully cater the need of the industry.

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