Stay Dry Using The Perfect Replacement Roofing In Silverdale WA


When the weather outside turns nasty and water begins to enter the home, your first thought is probably replacing the roof. This is an expensive option that isn’t always necessary. In fact, Roofing in Silverdale WA can often be as simple as exchanging worn shingles or eliminating damaged sealant around roofing details such as attic vents or flashing. A leak around an attic vent has very little opposition because the main thing that keeps out the weather is the metal around the vent and any sealant used to cover gaps.


However, not all roof failures are that simple. A roof can fail when the covering has aged to the point that it pulls away from the decking. This is a common problem with budget shingles, most of which have a service life of fifteen years. As this product endures the elements, it can dry out, curl or crack. The only alternative in these instances is to have a roofer replace the shingle with a superior product.

There are several excellent options for replacement Roofing in Silverdale WA. For example, you can opt for composite shingles, stamped steel roofing or fiber-cement tiles. Composite shingles are a variant on asphalt roofing that are designed to last for decades. Many manufacturers warrant this product for the life of the home which means that you may never need to replace the roof again, barring acts of God.

Steel roofing is a more expensive option that provides a roof designed to last fifty years or longer. Steel has several benefits including the ability to emulate most other roofing options and the capability to be installed over certain existing asphalt roofs. Steel roofing for residential usage comes in smaller sheets that are easy to apply which makes installation very quick. Plus, when the material is installed over an existing roof, the use of battens provides better airflow which reduces trapped heat.

Fiber-cement is a roofing solution that can last about thirty-five years. This material is very similar to the siding used on many homes and is designed to withstand high winds and rain. Fiber-cement provides a distinctive look which many people prefer and is the perfect solution for many roof replacements. No matter which option you select it is important to have the roofer inspect the roof occasionally and make repairs as quickly as possible.

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