The Nokia C5 Is A Reliable,Classic Style Smartphone Handset!

The Nokia C5 is a reliable,classic style Smartphone handset!


Lee Thornton

At first glance the Nokia C5 looks more traditional than most modern handsets, but with this it feels more reliable, it feels sturdier due to its stainless steel framing, and what is more it feels great to handle; It is very slim at just 12.3mm thick and it weighs only 89.3g. This new C series Smartphone has the full range of Ovi services and houses a handy digital camera; there is also social network support and an integrated FM radio.

The Nokia C5 has been developed to support its user in all aspects of day-to-day life, this means helping with organisation and social networks, business and also entertainment. The phone delivers a high quality user experience with its S60 3rd edition overlay and its Symbian v9.3 operating system, with these combined they offer a range of applications in a seamless environment for optimised functionality.

The phones colourful menu s shine through the 2.2 inch QVGA screen and though the display is not all that large, it is very bright and detailed; it renders up to 16.7 million colours in 320 x 240 pixels. To accompany the vibrant display Nokia have given the C5 a 3.2 mega pixel camera with flash and digital zoom; it snaps images well and can record video quite capably, images come out nice and clear and videos can be recorded and played at a maximum of 8 frames per second, viewing can be a little strained but overall it does the job.

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Unfortunately the Nokia C5 doesn t possess Wi Fi, but however it does have 3G HSDPA connectivity offering up to 10.2Mbps. Browsing is generally a fast and pleasant experience, the Browser interface is functional and does its best at delivering web pages on the small screen. There are video streaming and upload capabilities with full YouTube compatibility. Social networking has been focused on with dedicated Facebook and MySpace applications amongst others, full social management is possible through these applications, status updates and file uploads are possible, you also receive notifications of friends updating there statuses.

As mentioned earlier the C5 comes well supported with the full Ovi service, with this service comes Ovi Maps 3.0 for your navigational needs and more importantly Ovi store, the store is a well stocked site which offers various applications, wallpapers, themes and games for you to add to your device for complete personalization. There is an Ovi Music store for track downloads and information, an Ovi Share feature which allows you to upload and share various media content and finally Ovi Mail which helps you stay in touch with your inbox.

The C5 s music player is well supported with 3.5mm headphone jack so you can plug in your own headphones and up to 16GB of storage via the microSD card slot located in the phone. The media player interface is easy to control and offers various equaliser functions to play with for the sound you want. The C5 package comes with tools for a PC music manager so you can download and organise your tunes ready for playback on your C5.

The Nokia C5 functions very well and has a degree of desirability due to its strong traditional appearance; it has good network and e-mail support as well as a full entertainment centre to play with. In all the latest edition to Nokia s C series family is a well delivered concept.

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