Why Having A Plan Isn’t Enough For Strategic Alignment


One of the latest trends in business development is the use of what has come be seen as the only way to maximum the profitability and productivity of a workplace. This is process is called strategic alignment and literally involves bringing all the components of your business onto the same path so everything is working in harmony.

The Strategy

Virtually all businesses have some type of business model that includes a business strategy. This includes some type of statement, often a mission statement or goal statement, which outlines how the company wants to work. This goal statement or mission statement is then used to develop a series of steps, a strategy, to make that mission statement come true.

However, and here is the root of the problem, the conversion from a mission statement to action rarely happens because the employees are usually out of the loop. Management may understand, but the people that are doing the work on a day to day basis don’t.

This is where strategic alignment has it true value. It allows the plan, the strategy, of the company to become not just a statement on a wall but a real way of doing business. During this part of strategic alignment there is going to be change. Remember that change can be very disruptive if people don’t understand the reasons for the change and how change will improve things both for the company as well as for themselves.

The Fun Part

One fun but highly effective way to show employees the benefit of strategic alignment and the changes planned is to encourage them to play simulations and games that directly mirror the strategic alignment choices that have been considered for your business or company.

This same process, when everyone from entry level employees to managers and CEOs are involved in the simulation or game, also allows you to see how your strategic alignment is going to work. Through these types of activities you may discover options that you had not even considered and that are going to be more beneficial in bringing your business strategy into the way you actually do business.

Business game simulations based on your company and your reality give everyone the chance to see the big picture about the changes in your company. This takes the fear out of strategic alignment and also allows employees to be motivated to make the changes that will improve the company.

Let Paradigm Learning assist you in your strategic alignment process with business games and simulations.

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